Turf Replacement - Kidd Brewer Stadium

Kidd Brewer Turf Replacement
Recently Completed
Start Date: 
May 2020
End Date: 
August 2020
Project Budget: 

In order to improve spaces for both the football team and the track team, and to provide ample space for the footprint of the new End Zone Facility (currently under construction), the track previously encircling the football field at Kidd Brewer Stadium is being relocated to the App 105 Property.  The removal of the track increases the existing field surface by 20% and provides new emergency vehicle access points.  Re-turfing the area involves grading, drainage, and storm water improvements.  Because the existing synthetic turf is reaching the end of its useful life, the entire field will be re-turfed rather than simply adding turf to the area exposed by the track removal.