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Track Tennis Softball Relocate
The project relocates the university track from the football stadium to the App 105 property.  In the future, softball and competition tennis facilities will also be relocated to this area.  Plans for tennis facilities include six indoor and six outdoor courts.  Softball will...
Caretaker with Children
The Child Development Center currently serves 68 children. This project will increase the number of infant/toddler  accommodations by 40 - 50 children by adding a 5,324 SF prefabricated building to the current Child Development Center.  New sidewalks and upgrades to exterior playground...
NRLP Warehouse
The project will completely renovate the interior and refurbish portions of the exterior of New River Light and Power’s existing +/- 5,800 square foot warehouse bringing the building up to current fire and life/health/safety codes.  Additional benefits include improved energy...
NRLP Building
Refurbishment of laydown yard used to house poles and equipment.  Includes addressment of drainage issues, new pavement, and reconfiguration of power transformer loading dock and storage for better efficiency.
Katherine Harper Roof
The roof on this building is at end of life and has several water intrusion issues.  This project will completely replace the existing roof with a more energy efficient roof and extend the life of the building.
Sanford 5th Floor Build Out
Sanford Hall's fifth floor has been gutted and prepped for a build out as part of  a larger building renovation project.  The fifth floor build out picks up where the major renovation, which completes floors 1 - 4  and is currently underway, leaves off.  The fifth floor will...
Jerry Moore Plaza Rendering
This project creates a new plaza outside of the front entrance of the  End Zone Facility to honor former Appalachian State football Coach Jerry Moore.  The plaza will be elevated above the parking lot of the End Zone and adjacent to Jack Branch Drive.  The project will feature a...
Broyhill Music Elevators
Broyhill Music Elevators are being modernized with upgraded controls and finishes.  This project also replaces mechanical and electrical components of the elevators to improve performance and reliability.  The elevators are original to the 1983 music building.


Kidd Brewer Turf Replacement
In order to improve spaces for both the football team and the track team, and to provide ample space for the footprint of the new End Zone Facility (currently under construction), the track previously encircling the football field at Kidd Brewer Stadium is being relocated to the App 105 Property....
Career Development Center Concept Drawing
This project will create a more accessible and convenient location for students and potential employers to meet in the Plemmons Student Union.  Currently, the Career Development Center offices are divided between two locations on campus.  Consolidating offices in a place where more...
Exterior App Heights
The goals of this project are to repair / replace any failing equipment, piping, controls, etc. in Appalachian Heights Residence Hall and to redesign the building's HVAC system to control building humidity. 
Garwood Hall
This project is being executed using the services of Terracon (Engineering) and WNC Roofing.  It includes the installation of a new standing metal roofing and sub-purlin framing of the existing metal roof in multiple locations, and the removal and replacement of metal roofing at two canopies...
Valborg Pit Undergoing Construction
Valborg Theater's orchestra pit replacement will include a new Safepit+ Orchestra Pit cover/floor as manufactured by Productions Unlimited.  This project will also address life safety and HVAC issues.  The project includes upgrades to the pit lighting, heating, air conditioning,...
Kidd Brewer Stadium – North End Zone
Identified as the “mixed-used athletics facility” project in the Master Plan 2025 (link to p. 96), or sometimes referred to as “the end zone project,” this initiative will transform the north end zone of Kidd Brewer Stadium into a facility providing approximately 88,...
Residence Hall Construction (Near Stadium Drive)
This major housing project will renovate or replace seven residence halls: Bowie, Coltrane, Eggers, Gardner, Winkler, Justice and East. All but East Hall are located on the west side of campus. Winkler Hall was demolished in 2014, and six others have been recommended for removal due to extensive...
Rendering of Sanford Post Renovation
This project will completely renovate and modernize the 50-year-old Sanford Hall. The 73,913 gross square feet facility supports approximately 4,600 students per day (including all STEM students). The renewal project will replace the single elevator with a double elevator system--pictured in the...

Recently Completed

Students in Varsity Gym
This project will replace failing HVAC equipment and correct numerous heating and ventilation issues within the 50 year-old gymnasium.  The new systems will improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, particularly in dance studios and the heavily-used gym space. 
Aerial of Sanford Mall
In conjunction with the renovation of Sanford Hall, the utility corridor serving Sanford Hall is being reconfigured. Hot water and chilled water lines for HVAC are being rerouted from the Regional Utility Building located behind the University Bookstore  through Sanford Mall.